Back in time..Miami's nightlife scene

topic posted Fri, December 8, 2006 - 8:18 AM by  Rigo
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    Sat, December 9, 2006 - 11:52 AM
    Do you remember The Blind Fox, on South Beach....and Las Lechusa's and Mixx II on 79th St, and The long treck to the Copa in Lauderdale and the little punk club that was on the strip there. The Agora Ballroom in Hallendale, Honey for the Bears in the Grove, it just goes on and on, we should get together and reminisce! Their were so many fabulous clubs, I also have all kinds of dish about the 60's and 90's, I plan to write a book about the South Beach that I saw come up out of the ashes of retirement homes and the Avenue A Parties. Does anyone remember our dear departed Artist friend who had the first big Artist Party for Hurricane Reelf in North Carolina, the first time they got hit....Varla, who we buried at sea after a decadent parade down South Beach Pier. (No longer there).
    If people could see the sites I've seen, that Versace wishes he were a part of and only came in on the tail wind of all the real creators of Miami and South Beach, Please girls, he was such an asshole! His boyfriend Franco was cool though.
    That's my first entry, stay tuned for more rantings from DVaJacqui
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      Sat, December 9, 2006 - 7:36 PM
      I was a bit to young for Honey For The Bears, but my brother worked there and always managed to get his hands on recordings by Honey's DJ's Carlos Nodal and Jimmy Yu, I still have those reel to reel mixes and have tranferred them to CD.

      You gotta hear them!

      I was lucky though, at 15 (around 1983) I became a party promoter where I'd throw jams all over Miami,in abandoned warehouses or banquet halls, because of the popularity of my events, a local booking agent and bigtime promoter gave me a shot to work for him doing promotions,which lead me to become more of his partner at such an early age.

      Imagine, a 15 year old peach fuzz punk getting in every adult club known to man, while making a buck!

      Let's write that book,eh?

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