any Burners or Freeks in SoBe?

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Anyone been/goingto Burning Man and lives in Miami?? I'm very much involved in the underground/burning man scene in San Francisco and I just moved to Miami Beach. The thing is, I love this scene and the creativity and culture that comes with being part of it. The music, the community, the parties, the crazy burning man inspired fashion... I love it. I'm wondering if there is anything like it in Miami.. or if Miami has its own cool underground scene. Are breaks big in Miami.. is there a group of burners out there???

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  • We are a Burner couple from Portland that is looking for some good Burning Man fun in the Miami area. Where are all the Miami Burners? We need a good party with crazy people that dont mind if we are in our furr costumes.
    • Yeah I've got to say I think we're spoiled on the west coast... We've spent the last several days scouring miami, south beach and lauderdale for nightlife and all I gotta say about down here is: demasiado queso! ("too much cheese")

      beyond the over-the-top stereotypical south beach scene, this club "pawn shop" the other night was about as good as it got, you might want to check it out..

      there's -got- to be some sort of underground left down here though... just harder to find?
      • I'm a recent transplant from New York and I live on SoBe, and I am a burner. I've been trying to make a few $$ on the side by juggling and doing street magic, and that's been decent, but the one night I went out to spin fire, I got $1, which was total bull. However, I'd love to find some people to play with.
  • Hey,

    So the answer is pretty much no. When I lived in San Francisco I had several friends that were burners but I never made the trip myself. Part of the reason i don't use tribe much anymore is because the core of its users are burning man connected. But if you're into zany times, I'm down for fun.
    • my name is john and I am from santa barbara and santa cruz the all I have seen was full moon party and a drum circle but that was about
      two years ago when i first moved here I would like to know if they moved or what thanks

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